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Carrying on a family's tradition...


Mark and Lisa Bidinger

Stuck in the corporate world, Mark daydreamed of returning to his time as a youngster of just thirteen when he was taught how to cook at a local bar in Ferndale. Burgers, fries, nachos, sandwiches - real bar food. He loved the smells, the flavors and the hustle to get the food plated. Little did he know that his daydreams were about to come true with the opportunity of a lifetime.

The company he'd worked with for over a decade was moving across the country.  He had a choice;  move with them, or accept a severance.  This was a no-brainer.  His commitment to his family eliminated the option of moving, and the possibility of making his dream a reality solidified the severance.  He has worked in the food industry in years past, and his passion for cooking for others extended throughout his life. Cooking in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother, working in countless restaurants moving his way up from dishwasher to sous chef, catering in his early adult life with his aunt, and catering events at work kept his focus on food throughout the years.

With the encouragement and support of his loving wife Lisa, they decided to put their fears aside and chase their dreams.  Together they would become entrepreneurs and put Mark back in the kitchen full time!

With this big decision made, they found Catering by Katherine.  Katherine had owned and successfully operated Catering by Katherine since 1983. Built from the ground up, Katherine and her husband Gil established a very reputable name for themselves and the company, and won several awards and honorable mentions for their services in the community. 

When it came time to retire, they hoped another family that shared the same values and passion for food could carry on their legacy. Then one day, Katherine and Gil met Mark and Lisa...it was meant to be.

Original Owners Gil & Katherine 

Fate brought them together, a love of food and smiling faces bonded them, and the devotion to carrying on the name of Catering by Katherine sealed the deal. 

Meet the New Katherine "In Charge"

Mark and Lisa's Daughter is named Katherine, and Mark dreams of one day working side-by-side with her in their kitchen... Catering by Katherine.