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6% sales tax will be added to all events | $50 Delivery Charge within 10 miles (additional mileage fee outside of this area)

Catering and Events Contract


The following terms and conditions (“Contract”) are established to assist both parties in arranging the contracted-for function. These terms and conditions are intended to ensure the highest level of quality for you (“client”) and for your food & beverage services.




Final guest count for an event must be received seven (7) full days prior to the event. This count becomes your guaranteed number and is not subject to reduction. If attendance is more than 10% above the guaranteed number, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your group. However, we cannot guarantee availability of additional items as specified in the original order and will be substituted accordingly.


Late Bookings


We encourage you to reserve and book your date as soon as possible. Dates will not be held or reserved until contract is signed and the non-refundable deposit is made. We reserve the right to refuse events that are requested late, conflict with our schedule, or exceed our capacity to provide service.


Payments and Deposit Fee


Billing arrangements for all events must be made in accordance with policies, unless otherwise negotiated. A 20% deposit is due at time of booking. After receipt of the deposit, Catering by Katherine will provide you with a general Proposal for your event which may be subject to change. Deposits, less any fees incurred, are refundable up to seven (7) days prior to your event. After that time, the deposit becomes non-refundable.


Seven (7) days prior to your event, Catering by Katherine will provide you with the Invoice for your event. The Invoice will outline the items you have ordered, the Service Staff required for your event, and the associated prices. Balance of payment must be paid the day of service, at the end of service, unless otherwise specified and arranged.


We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Checks are made payable to Catering by Katherine. If we receive a payment for services via check and that payment fails to clear, you will be responsible for a $75.00 bank fee, which will be added to your invoice.


If your event requires additional staff, items, fees, or equipment that were not otherwise included on your initial Invoice, Catering by Katherine may send you a Final Invoice within five (5) days of your event. Catering by Katherine will discuss any overages with you, generally on the date of the event. Payment is due within five (5) days of receipt.




Gratuity is not added to the invoice by Catering by Katherine.  Tips are not expected, though they are most appreciated.




If client cancels a contracted event, Catering by Katherine will retain any portion of the deposit/retainer fee necessary to cover expenses incurred prior to the date of cancellation. In the discretion of Catering by Katherine, some deposits for cancelled events may be held for up to 1 (one) year, to be put towards another catering event booked with Catering by Katherine. Future events must be booked in the same manner, adhering to a newly signed catering contract.


Social Media


Catering by Katherine reserves the right to use any photos or videos of your event taken by our staff on our social media outlets for marketing and training purposes. Client agrees to allow their likeness and that of their guests to be used for such purpose, and that client has acquired any necessary waivers for such purpose.





Garbage disposal is the responsibility of the client/party-host. Where the event is a home-based party, the owner of the home or host of the party will maintain and dispose of all garbage. Catering staff will gather and tie up all garbage bags. Where the venue requires garbage disposal, on site garbage bins must be present for the caterer to dispose of same. Where a homeowner or hall/venue does not provide garbage disposal or requires the caterer to remove or dispose of garbage off-site, a $125 disposal fee will be applied for arranging garbage pickup and removal.




We reserve the right to charge for missing or damaged equipment attributed to individuals attending a catered event. Final bill for any damaged or missing equipment will be included on the Final Invoice which is generally sent to the client/organizer within five (5) days after the event. Payment is due within  five (5) business days thereafter.



Leftover Food

Catering by Katherine will, at their discretion, dispose of any food that is no longer viable.  Viable leftover food can be left with the client however, client must provide their own containers. Catering by Katherine staff will package left overs.  Catering by Katherine can provide containers with advanced notice and at an additional cost.   Leftover food becomes the responsibility of the client once Catering by Katherine staff has packaged it.  Catering by Katherine will not be held responsible for the storage or food handling procedures of the food left with the client.


Load In and Load Out


Load in for an event may only take place in the scheduled times, as provided by your venue manager, and in relation to your venue’s specifications. Your Catering Manager will contact your suppliers to discuss these time restrictions. Suppliers arriving prior to the load-in time will not be given entry unless the venue has accommodated an earlier timeframe. Where load out must occur on the same evening of the event, rental pickup and removal will have an increased charge. Please ensure all timelines are matched with your appropriate venue. Catering by Katherine is not responsible for items left behind at the conclusion of an event.


Service Staff


Where Service Staff are requested at the event, a 4-hour minimum guarantee will be quoted. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of staff if guaranteed guest count is 10% higher or lower than the number included in the initial Invoice. An estimate of Service Staff hours is provided on the catering Invoice depending on the catering needs (set up, service, clean up or tear down). However, client is responsible for paying for all hours actually worked by the Service Staff for the event. The actual hours worked by Service Staff at the event will be reflected on the Final Invoice five (5) days following the event. Payment is due within five (5) business days. Where staff is necessary for the overall success of the event, including presentation of the food and assistance to the catering team, staff will be non-negotiable, including but not limited to dinner parties greater than 24 people, cocktail parties greater than 20 people, and situations deemed necessary by the Catering Manager.




Catering by Katherine will provide Staff and services at the rates and times agreed upon, as detailed in the Invoice. Staff will arrive at location on time, in proper attire, with the tools needed to accurately perform their duties. Staff are properly trained and certified in food service safety and reserve the right to refuse or interrupt service on the grounds of Staff or guest safety concerns. Client will not cause or permit Staff to perform work outside of standard food service or wait staff duties and understands Staff reserve the right to refuse performance of such services.

  1. Staff shall not operate any motor vehicle or machinery.

  2. Staff shall not collect or handle cash money on behalf of Client.

  3. Staff shall not clean restrooms.

  4. Dish washing is not considered a standard service. Client understands that a fee of $2.50 per guest in attendance (a minimum $30.00 charge) will be assessed for this additional service and agrees that Staff will not be held responsible for any damaged or misplaced items.

  5. Cake cutting, plating, and/or passing is not considered a standard service.Client understands that a fee of $1.25 per guest in attendance (a minimum $20.00 charge) will be assessed for this additional service.


Bartender Service


Catering by Katherine does not provide bartending services. We can refer the customer to an event-staffing service.  We will coordinate with the event-staffing to the best of our ability, however, the staffing of a bartender is between the customer and the staffing service.  Catering by Katherine is not responsible for deposits, wages, or scheduling of bartenders. 




We reserve the right to request identification and/or to refuse alcohol service at any event. We reserve the right to close the bar service due to patron interactions. Catering by Katherine will hold no liability to any damages to guests or event location on or off premises. All Liquor permits and any additional insurance coverage are up to the client, event organizer and host to purchase and organize and must be obtained and available for review at event location.




The purpose of the tasting is to show how the menu items that have been chosen for the event will be presented and garnished and give the client an opportunity to provide feedback and request any changes. Tastings can be accommodated for 2 to 6 people, up to two main dishes and three sides.  Tasting selections from the buffet menu standard pricing are included, up charge selections will be charged at the up charge per person price. If the client has already contracted the event, there is no charge for the tasting and all menu items will reflect your chosen menu. For persons/groups still trying to decide on using our services, a charge of $40.00 per person for the tasting will apply. The menu will be reflective of our capabilities. For parties over 75 guests, upon booking with a deposit, this fee is deducted from your Invoice. In the event a tasting is requested, the tasting must be scheduled and provided at least one month prior to the event. Payment is due upon receipt of the tasting.  We are always happy to provide references of past and current clients, to reach out to and discuss our services, if needed.




All applicable State of Michigan taxes will be imposed and paid by the client at the then applicable rate.




Rentals must be finalized one (1) week prior to your event. Catering by Katherine will make every effort to accommodate last-minute changes, but this is not a guarantee.



Cancellation by Acts of God and/or Failure to Provide Service


Catering by Katherine shall have no responsibility or liability for failure to supply any services when prevented from doing so by strikes, accidents, power failure, Acts of God (i.e. flood, fire, etc.), or any other cause beyond the Caterer's control.



Event Location


The client assumes all responsibility for any damages/theft to property rented to the client that may be caused by client, its patrons, members, guests, or invitees. Rental of location is the sole responsibility of the client and it is recommended that client confirm with location that all necessary equipment/rooms are included.


Landmark Fee


Catering by Katherine does not charge a Landmark Fee.  Please note that in the event your chosen venue requests a catering Landmark Fee, you will be charged a landmark commission fee based on the individual venue’s percentage, i.e., 15%, 7.5%, etc., on food, beverage, and event staff as per the venue’s contract.  Inquire with your chosen venue on if this fee is applicable. 



Pricing Guarantee


Catering by Katherine can only guarantee pricing for events for up to one year from the date of client’s acceptance of this contract. We reserve the right to substitute items that become available in the open market or that exceed reasonable market costs. We will contact the client for approval if time allows.


The agreement between the parties is deemed to include the Invoice which outlines the type of food, timeline, number of service staff, work to be performed, and equipment to be provided by Catering by Katherine for the client. Catering by Katherine is not required and cannot guarantee to provide any product or service that is not on the Invoice (i.e. cake cutting, dishwashing, linens, etc.). Review Invoice with the catering manager to confirm all expectations of the event are agreed upon.





Client may accept the terms of this contract by either signing below or by paying the 20% deposit. By accepting this contract, client acknowledges that it has read and agrees to be bound by Catering by Katherine’s standard terms and conditions which are available at https://www.cateringbykatherine.com/terms and are hereby incorporated in full by this reference. A hard copy will be provided to client at any time upon request. By signing below, client certifies that it has had an opportunity to consult with independent counsel, and that it has read, fully understands, and agrees to the provisions set forth in both in this Contract and the Standard Terms and Conditions.






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